Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer https://journal.teknikunkris.ac.id/index.php/jiifor en-US Sun, 24 Apr 2022 15:02:16 +0000 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 Analisis dan Perancangan Load Balancing dan Failover menggunakan link kartu GSM https://journal.teknikunkris.ac.id/index.php/jiifor/article/view/247 <p><em>PT.</em> <em>SML is located in Central Jakarta, is one of the branch offices of PT.</em> <em>SML in addition to Surabaya.</em> <em>In order to build real-time and up-to-date communication, load balancing and failover methods have been developed to keep users at branch offices still able to communicate when a link is interrupted and there is no delay on the user's side or slow when exchanging data or sending data to the head office.</em> <em>By using a link from the GSM card media is one option to create an internet network at the branch office of PT.</em> <em>SML through assistance from Mikrotik OS.</em> <em>And by using the load balancing and failover features in the Mikrotik OS</em></p> Fahlil Fauzi, Risanto Darmawan, Junaidi Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer https://journal.teknikunkris.ac.id/index.php/jiifor/article/view/247 Tue, 21 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0000 RANCANG BANGUN APLIKASI BELANJA DENGAN PENERAPAN QUICK RESPONSE CODE SEBAGAI KASIR BERJALAN PADA MINI MARKET https://journal.teknikunkris.ac.id/index.php/jiifor/article/view/245 <p><em>The business of selling basic needs is growing rapidly in Indonesia, especially in densely populated areas or areas. Minimarkets or supermarkets are one of the places to buy all the basic needs that humans need. The method of payment using tunai is sometimes difficult when the tunai brought is less than the calculation before shopping, in preventing excess purchases or lack of money when shopping it is recommended to calculate the items spent on their own, but the process takes a long time, especially when customers pay for goods shopping at the tunaiier. This research applies system development by applying XAMPP and MySQL for database management and using android studio software based on android. The final result of this research is to apply a QR Code as a walking tunaiier in a mini market. The application used in the application of this QR Code only scans the barcode listed on the item and submits the QR Code to the tunaiier so that it can facilitate the transaction process</em></p> Elmi Devia, Junaidi, Siti kartika Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer https://journal.teknikunkris.ac.id/index.php/jiifor/article/view/245 Mon, 20 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0000 WEB APPLICATION FIREWALL UNTUK MENINGKATKAN KEAMANAN INFORMASI https://journal.teknikunkris.ac.id/index.php/jiifor/article/view/343 <p>Due to the increasing spread of the Internet and information systems, thus causing web applications, the risks and associated threats in this field have also increased. In recent years, several different websites such as government sites and non-government sites have been targeted by penetration attacks and illegal hacking activity. The attacks carried out often result in significant financial and credibility losses along with harming organizational and even national interests. Given the magnitude and complexity of cyberattacks and due to the diversity of web application structures, the need to have comprehensive and effective solutions to prevent or mitigate the negative effects of such attacks is very important. One of the latest tools to prevent infiltration and attacks on websites is a web application firewall (WAF), which allows security policies to be enforced between the user and the web application. In this journal, five simulations of cyberattacks have been carried out to determine how effective the use of WAF is in preventing and minimizing the risk of cyberattacks. In conclusion, WAF can block all five simulated attacks instantly.</p> Naufalarizqa Ramadha Meisa Putra Copyright (c) 2022 Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer https://journal.teknikunkris.ac.id/index.php/jiifor/article/view/343 Thu, 03 Mar 2022 00:00:00 +0000 RANCANG BANGUN SISTEM ABSENSI DAN BUKA PINTU DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION https://journal.teknikunkris.ac.id/index.php/jiifor/article/view/246 <p><em>The room security system now also has a good security system by entering the employee ID number on the tool provided next to the door when you want to enter the room. But the security system opening the door is still not secure when the employee ID is known by many people. In terms of time efficiency, it is still considered impractical because it uses employee ID numbers and passwords which take a long time to find the right number. Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses communication via electromagnetic waves to change data between a terminal and an object such as a product, animal or human product for the purpose of identification and tracking through the use of a device called an RFID tag. In the application of RFID for attendance and unlocking doors, this system makes it easy to monitor and control employees who enter certain rooms that are considered private.</em></p> Junaidi, Elmi Devia, Akbar Fiansah Copyright (c) 2021 Jurnal Ilmiah Informatika dan Komputer https://journal.teknikunkris.ac.id/index.php/jiifor/article/view/246 Thu, 03 Mar 2022 00:00:00 +0000